Stress Analysis

Linear Static Analysis

This is the simplest form of analysis, but it is still important to get it right.

We have undertaken linear static stress analysis in a number of diffferent industries, such as:-

bulletHeavy Industry
bulletConsumer Goods
bulletRail and many others

And we can almost certainly do the same in yours.

Whether it is a welded fabrication, a bolted assembly, a casting or forging, big or small, we can help you to understand its structural performance and to improve the design. Plus we supply you with a comprehensive report giving clear conclusions and recommendations (not gobble-de-gook, and not just pictures).

We will usually be able to provide you with a fixed price quotation, so contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Non-Linear Analysis

This is more involved than linear static analysis, so tends to take longer (and hence cost more).

We can undertake 3 types of non-linear analysis:-

Contact Analysis

Where parts will be in contact with each other and may pull apart, but not pass through each other.

Large Displacement Analysis

Where displacements are such that small displacement theory no longer holds.

Non-Linear Material Properties

If you have a non linear material then we can model this by describing its stress-strain curve.


We use Pro/MECHANICA for finite element analysis (FEA). This uses modern p-element technology and can also do design optimisation.

Errors, Convergence & Hand Calcs

Pro/Mechanica provides a stress error estimate as part of the answer and we can also use its in-built convergence routine if required. Where practical, we also back up the finite element analysis with hand calculations to do a sanity check.


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