Pro/ENGINEER Training Manuals

We have a number of CadQuest Pro/ENGINEER Training Manuals for sale.

These are very comprehensive 'click-by-click' manuals. We use them in our training courses, but they are designed as 'teach yourself' manuals.

Wildfire 2.0 Basic                                                    10+p&p

Wildfire 2.0 Update from Pro/E 2001                  10+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 Basic                                                    20+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 Intermediate                                        20+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 Advanced                                             20+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 Detail Drawings                                   20+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 Sheetmetal                                           20+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 Mechanism Design                           10+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 Surfacing                                             10+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 ISDX (Interactive Surfaces)             10+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 Photorender                                        10+p&p

Wildfire 3.0 Update from Wildfire 2.0                    10+p&p

Wildfire 4.0 Intermediate                                          30+p&p

Wildfire 4.0 Advanced                                              30+p&p

Wildfire 4.0 Mechanism Design                            10+p&p

Wildfire 4.0 BMX (Behavioural Modelling)          10+p&p

Wildfire 4.0 Update from Wildfire 2.0                    10+p&p

Wildfire 5.0 Basic                                                      40+p&p

Wildfire 5.0 Intermediate                                          40+p&p

Wildfire 5.0 Advanced                                              40+p&p

Wildfire 5.0 Detail Drawing                                      40+p&p

Wildfire 5.0 Mechanism Design                            20+p&p

Wildfire 5.0 BMX (Behavioural Modelling)          20+p&p

Wildfire 5.0 Update from Wildfire 3.0                    20+p&p

Wildfire 5.0 Update from Wildfire 4.0                    20+p&p


Please enquire for details, saying which one you want and giving your address, so we can give you a quote for postage.


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