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We are the UK's leading experts in Pro/MECHANICA and have been using it for over 20 years to analyse customer's designs. We also write our own Pro/MECHANICA training courses. Because of this experience many of the Resellers in UK & Ireland and PTC themselves have used our staff to run some of their Pro/MECHANICA training courses, or to provide specialist technical support. 


We have been using PTC's Pro/MECHANICA suite to undertake engineering analysis since 1991, and as such we are probably one of the most experienced companies in the country. We rated it then for its ease of use, convergence control, optimisation and integration between modules (that's why we bought it), and we still do.

Since then we have undertaken hundreds of analysis jobs for clients in almost every industry, helping our clients to design better products or to fix problems.

These can be anything from simple brackets to complex assemblies, and from linear static analysis to advanced dynamic analysis.

And because we are engineers, rather than typical analysts, we talk to you in plain English about engineering solutions, not analysis gobble-de-gook.

So if you want your engineering problem solved, consultancy in how to get the best out of your installation or advice on which package you need, contact us.

PTC recently changed the name of Pro/Mechanica to Creo Simulate. The interface has changed and the functionality and speed has been increased, but the way it works 'under the bonnet' has remained the same, so all the advantages are still there.

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Finite Element Structural/Dynamics Analysis

Training & Consultancy in Pro/Mechanica & Pro/Engineer

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