Design Optimisation

These days, just making the first design that you came up with is not good enough. To beat the competition you need to optimise your design so that it is the best. This where Design Optimisation comes in. Using the tools available in the Pro/ENGINEER family of software, Elite Consulting can help you to improve both your designs and your design process. We can help you to:-

  1. Cost reduction by reducing your material costs.
  2. Optimise you designs to meet performance targets.
  3. Improve your design process by reusing existing knowledge (Knowledge Based Engineering, KBE for short)

Download our Design Optimisation and KBE brochure here.

To find out more about Structural Optimisation using Pro/MECHANICA to save material cost and meet structural targets go here.

To find out more about Design Optimisation using Behavioural Modelling (BMX) to optimise your design's performance, go here.



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